Within all of us lies an empowered feminine soul.  She carries the strength of a storm and envelops the quiet still that always ensues.  She is sensual.   A divine lover.  A creator, impassioned to find the beauty in all things. 

JRA designs are made for the contemporary free-spirited women, who move between occasions with minimal fuss and the utmost independence, perpetually seeking to push the boundaries and to feel as we all should, unapologetically yourself.

Jia Rosemary Atelier is the namesake of designer Rebecca Lee’s daughter; her drive and her muse.  With a background in styling and design, JRA was born out of a yearning to create timeless pieces embracing the female form, with flowing fabrics and classic silhouettes that are effortlessly sensuous to capture the essence of modern romanticism in a minimalist fashion.   The collection has been created to transcend occasion and season, whether you are seeking a piece for yourself or a selection for your bridesmaids.


We take great pride in designing and producing our entire range at our Auckland based studio showroom, where we strive towards a mindful approach to fashion by offering made to order garments and small scale collections with limited-range fabrics. Having full control of this production process ensures us to minimise fashion waste, along with having the creative freedom to design sustainable investment pieces and a custom-made service.

We always prioritise natural fibre fabrics and seek out eco-conconscious alternatives to classic synthetics and synthetic blends. For our limited range collections, only a handful of dresses are made and often from end of roll fabric, to help minimalism our footprint.

We hope our space here within an evolving consciousness around fashion brings a sense of home, in a garment that envelops you in your own sense of self.